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M-Series Tripods

Fotopro tripods are the #1 choice for
outdoor & adventure photography.

Our tripods have been battle tested in the most rugged places on earth.


Reversible center column, full function monopod, and incredible stability...

Reversible Center Column

The reversible center column allows for low angle shots.

Convert to Monopod

The removable leg can be combined with the center column to create a fully functional monopod.

T-Lock Technology

The T-Lock knobs allow you to turn the knob a mere quarter turn to be able to extend or contract each section.

Reversible Folding Legs

Reversible folding legs allow the C-Series tripod to be ultra compact for traveling.

Model Material Section Min Height Max Height Folded
Diameter Weight Max Load
MGA models are made of Magnesium, Aluminum, Titanium (MAT)
MGA-584N Aluminum 4-sec 240mm 1600mm 435mm 25mm 1.76kg 8kg
MGA 684N Aluminum 4-sec 240mm 1745mm 475mm 28mm 2.14kg 12kg
MGC models are made of Carbon Fiber
MGC-584N Carbon Fiber 4-sec 240mm 1600mm 435mm 25mm 1.50kg 8kg
MGC-684N Carbon Fiber 4-sec 240mm 1745mm 475mm 28mm 1.84kg 12kg


Our friends over at "Art of Visuals" (World's Largest Photo Community)...

Art of Visuals

"The MGA-684N has all the features we need plus it's incredibly light!"

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Our friends over at AOV recently took the MGA-684N tripod out on one of their adventure trips to test it out. They were very happy with the build and quality of the tripod. They ended up capturing dozens of incredible shots, including all the great shots and videos you see on this web page. The best outdoor/adventure photographers continually choose Fotopro tripods for the quality, stability, and affordability that Fotopro tripods offer.

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