How long will you wait to capture the right shot? How about 6 years? A photographer named Alan McFadyen spent almost six years and clicked 720,000 pictures to capture the flawless shot of a kingfisher diving in the water.

Let’s have a look at his work.


The Story…


During his childhood, Alan was taken to a kingfisher nesting spot by his grandfather; time passed but that moment when the kingfisher dived in water remained in his mind. After almost 40 years, Alan decided to capture that moment and dedicate it to his grandfather.

Alan in an interview stated that he spent more than 4,200 hours to click that amusing shot. At starting, he used to click photographs five times a week and later he almost lived there in the hides.


Alan shared his experience and stated that he had made many changes at the site to make it possible. Another big challenge was to spot the dive. Usually, a female kingfisher dives in only five times a day.

The One Perfect Shot – Congratulations Alan: